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Relationships are a valuable source of love, comfort and security. They can provide us with a great sense of connection and meaning. Yet they also require maintenance and care. Too often we can find ourselves misunderstood or full of sadness and anger with the people we love the most.  

Couples therapy provides a safe space for you and your partner. It allows you to see things from the other’s perspective, and can clarify how you really feel within the relationship.

Effective communication is at the heart of a loving relationship. Therapy can shed light on the obstacles to good communication and helps you to safely navigate areas of conflict or compromise.  

What dynamics are at play? Do you have a particular attachment style? Are other relationships or priorities getting in the way? 

In time, couples therapy can improve intimacy by allowing a better understanding of self and other.


My role as therapist is to provide the outsider's lens, to reflect back what’s going on between two people in a way that is honest, unbiased and professional.

It is vital that both partners feel that the therapist is trusted and impartial, therefore I would recommend an initial consultation to see if, together, we would be a good fit.

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